Showfield Spaniels
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About Us

This is the page where I'll describe Showfield Spaniels in more detail.

We have been breeding Clumber Spaniels and English Cocker Spaniels for almost 40 years.
Throughout the 1970's and 1980's numerous litters of Clumber Spaniels were born and many champions reared and loved. Together with Clumber Spaniels numerous Cockers were bred, including solid and parti colours.
Today, Sarah Strang, Stephen and Stephanies' second daughter has taken over the mantle with a strong interest in both breeds.
Sarah loves her kids and she can usually be found around the rings with a Cocker Spaniel in her arms or Clumber lying at her feet.
Thank you to all of those whom take the time to answer my (Sarahs) questions and I appreciate the time and experience of those ahead of me. Special thanks to Karleen Bennett and Linda Kantek of Royoni Kennels who assist me no end in the endeavour to breed and to show as best I can.