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The Boys

Our beautiful Australian Champion Showfield Royalty Ahead 
Frasier is a consistent winner in breed and in group. 
Frasier has so far won numerous Class in Groups at EVERY LEVEL, and in Show award. Frasier has also been awarded numerous Runner Up in GROUPs.
2 Baby Puppy in Group
3 Minor Puppy in Group
3 Puppy in Group
3 Junior in Group
1 Junior in SHOW
1 Intermediate in Group
7 Australian Bred in Group
We are so proud of this beautiful little man!!
Go to "the boys" to see photos of Frasier ("Showfield Royalty Ahead") and Murphy ("Showfield King in Time").


The latest addition to Showfield Spaniels are Showfield Royalty Ahead (Frasier) and Showfield King In Time (Murphy).
These fabulous little men were born 25 February 2006 to Showfield Queen Victoria. The pairing of Ch Royoni Ahead in Time, Dudley, and Madison has produced some beautiful dogs.
We thank Royoni Kennels, Karleen Bennett and Linda Kantek for the privilege of using Dudley. We are thankful for their continued support!!
"Showfield Royalty Ahead" is a beautiful silver blue roan. He has a remarkable head and good bone.
"Showfield King In Time" is a lovely dark blue roan with strong bone and lovely markings.
UPDATE - Frasier has now won 11 in Group awards under Australian and International Judges!! and a Junior in Show. He has also won Intermediate in Group.
He is also an Australian Champion at just 20 months of age!
Murphy got tired of losing to his brother so has taken up a sport more to his liking in Agility Trials. He was quickly promoted after 2 weeks out of beginners class - did we expect anything less??!! He has taken to this sport like a champion. He cannot play with the big boys until he has finished growing but until then he loves the new tricks and spending time with mum!!
Both boys are growing fast and are happy little men! So we are hoping for our first Champion Agility Dog in Murphy and another Champion Show Dog in Frasier!!
click on the photos to see larger version in new window.

Showfield Royalty Ahead (Frasier) 12 weeks

Frasier 17 weeks

Showfield Royalty Ahead (Frasier) 12 weeks

Frasier 17 weeks

What a dream little man! Sitting on the
chair waiting for his mum!

Showfield King In Time (Murphy) 12 weeks

Murphy 17 weeks

Murphy 17 weeks

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Ch Marsden Step Ahead

Ch Royoni Ahead of the Rest

Ch. Royoni Secret Ambition

Ch Royoni Ahead in Time

Ch Royoni Reconcile Nwhispa

Ch Royoni Risky Secret

Ch Royoni Secret Combnation

Showfield Royalty Ahead /
Showfield King in Time

Ch Yunbeai Classical Jazz

Sebella Aint Misbehavin

Sebella Stormy Weather

Showfield Queen Victoria

Gaylight Solo Boy

Showfield Moet Chandon

Noehil Nothin Sweeter

The old man about the house is Showfield Dom Perignon, aka Kobe. "Uncle Kobe" (as he is known about the house) takes care of the girls and now the boys. He is gentle man who despite being beautifully made up, never made it to the ring.

Showfield Dom Perignon (Kobe)